Ear Pinning Surgery

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery in Atlanta

For people who struggle with ears that appear misshapen or protrude too far, Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Alan N. Larsen performs ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty. By accessing the cartilage of the ears, Dr. Larsen is able to reshape ears and normalize their appearance, molding them closer to the head.

Deciding If You Are Right for a Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear surgery can be performed for adults and for children as young as four years old whose ears distract from the normal features of their face. Misshapen or protruding ears are not only bothersome for the patient, but may also lead to teasing and even bullying from others. For these reasons, patients may turn to Dr. Larsen to undergo ear pinning surgery in Atlanta.

If you are interested in ear pinning surgery, you should be a healthy, nonsmoker and have realistic expectations for the results of your surgery. Patients should also expect several days for recovery time. If surgery takes place during the school year, many students may need to take one week off from school for recovery. Because of this, it may be advantageous to undergo ear pinning surgery during a break from school.

How It's Done

Ear pinning surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. For children, a general anesthetic is often used while adult patients may be given a local anesthetic with sedation. For the surgery, Dr. Larsen will make small, inconspicuous incisions behind your ears and in the natural folds of your skin. He will use these incisions to access the cartilage of your ear, which is its support structure.

Through this unique view, he will be able to shape and mold the cartilage into the desired, normalized shape. Dr. Larsen may perform surgery on both ears to create a matching look. When he has sufficiently molded the ears, he will close the incisions with sutures and apply a bandage that will hold the ears close to the head.

What to Expect from Ear Pinning Surgery

When you leave the surgical facility, Dr. Larsen will give you aftercare instructions to follow. You will need to rest for a day or so and will need to keep your head elevated. While you will not be able to resume your normal routine or exercise immediately, Dr. Larsen will expect you to walk shortly after surgery. You will need to keep your bandages fresh and take care to avoid any activities that may put your ears at risk for injury.

After several weeks, you will be fully recovered and able to resume normal exercise routines. You will be able to see the full benefits of your ear pinning surgery. Your ears will be normalized in appearance and will appear closer to your head. You may also experience improved self-confidence.


Risks following ear pinning surgery are rare, but can include infection or scarring. Be sure to ask Dr. Larsen about possible side effects and complications during your consultation if you have questions.

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