Facial Implants

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery in Atlanta

Harmony between the facial features is, according to many experts, what determines a beautiful face. In some cases, however, you may feel your facial features lack harmony and that some are too small in comparison to the rest of your face. If you feel this applies to you, you may wish to undergo a procedure for facial implants.

Facial implant procedures, performed by Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Alan N. Larsen, can restore facial harmony. The surgery can have a positive impact on how you view your appearance, thus improving your self-esteem.

Deciding If You Are Right for Facial Implants

Facial implants can be used to add projection and fullness to the chin, cheeks and jaw. If you feel any of these features are underdeveloped, you may be an ideal candidate for facial implants. To undergo any of these procedures, you should have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery.

To undergo a facial implant procedure, you should be a healthy nonsmoker as this will optimize your recovery time and healing process.

In your consultation with Dr. Larsen, he will examine your facial structures and ask your about your cosmetic goals. Based on this assessment, he will create a surgical plan to help you meet your goals.

How It's Done

You may be given a local anesthetic with sedation or even a general anesthetic for facial implant surgery. With either option, you should sleep through the procedure.

To perform jaw implant surgery, Dr. Larsen will make small incisions on either side of the inside of your mouth. He will then place the implants beneath the surface of your skin, adding projection and definition to your lower jaw. Once placed, he will then attach the implants with surgical screws and close the incisions with sutures.

For chin implant surgery, Dr. Larsen may make in incision on the inside of your mouth, behind your lower lip. Alternatively, he may perform a small, inconspicuous incision beneath your chin. Through one of these incisions, Dr. Larsen will insert the chin implant. When he has ensured its proper placement, he will attach it with surgical screws and then close the incision with sutures.

In the case of cheek implants, Dr. Larsen may make two incisions on the inside of your upper cheek or an incision inside each of your lower eyelids. He will then insert the cheek implants through the chosen incisions and move them into place. Once he has placed them correctly, Dr. Larsen will close the incisions with sutures.

What to Expect from Facial Implants

When you leave Dr. Larsen's practice, you will be given aftercare instructions. You should limit your activity for a few days and be sure to keep your head elevated. You may need a soft diet for some time and may be given a strict oral hygiene routine to follow. Maintaining this routine will help ward off infection of an oral incision.

After a few weeks, the swelling will have completely dissipated and you will see the volumizing effects of your facial implant surgery.


Usually, risks are rare following facial implant surgery but can include infection or implant malposition. If you have questions about these or other possibilities, please consult with Dr. Larsen.

Complementary Procedures

Facial implants are the only way to ensure long-term fullness and projection of your facial features. However, injectable fillers can be used to add temporary fullness and contour to areas of the face.

To find out more about augmenting your features with facial implants, we encourage you to contact Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Alan N. Larsen in the Buckhead business district of North Atlanta. Please email us or call (404) 367‐9005.