Fat Transfer for Facial Procedures

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery in Atlanta

Fat grafting uses surplus fat from your own body to fill in lines and wrinkles on your face. The goal is to achieve skin that has more youthful volume and is smoother with a dramatic reduction in wrinkles.

Deciding If You Are Right for Fat Transfer

While some patients may choose injectable fillers to reduce wrinkles and lines on the face, others may prefer a solution that uses the patient's own natural fat stores. After removing a small amount of fat from a harvest site on your body, Dr. Alan N. Larsen will purify it and place it beneath the surface of a wrinkle to smooth out its appearance. This is similar to how injectable fillers work, but includes the first step of fat removal using minimally-invasive liposuction.

Patients interested in fat grafting should be healthy, nonsmokers. Both of these conditions will ensure better results and better healing after treatment.

How It's Done

When you begin your fat grafting treatment, you will likely be given a local anesthetic. This will improve your comfort during the fat removal stage. To remove fat, Dr. Larsen will make a small incision at the chosen harvest site, which may include your thighs, buttocks, midsection or flanks. Using a thin tube called a cannula, Dr. Larsen will perform very conservative liposuction techniques to remove some fat.

Once he has removed an appropriate amount of fat, it will be purified and cleansed for injection. Dr. Larsen will inject the purified fat cells beneath the surface of the wrinkle to be treated. He will use special techniques and may massage the area to improve its smoothness. After fat grafting, Dr. Larsen will close the liposuction incision with sutures and apply a surgical bandage to both the donor and treatment sites.

What to Expect from Fat Grafting

After your fat grafting procedure, you may need a ride home. The recovery procedure from fat grafting is not as long as with a complete liposuction procedure, but you may experience some swelling and discomfort. If this is the case, Dr. Larsen may prescribe medication to help you manage pain. As you heal and swelling dissipates, you will gradually begin to see the full results of your fat grafting treatment. The skin at the treatment site should be smoother with reduced wrinkles.


Risks vary depending on the goals of your fat grafting procedure. For more information about fat grafting risks, please ask Dr. Larsen during your consultation.

Complementary Procedures

While some patients prefer the natural effect of using one's own tissues for wrinkle reduction, Dr. Larsen offers a range of injectable fillers which can treat lines and wrinkles on the face. Additionally, BOTOX® Cosmetic can also be used to temporarily correct facial lines.

To learn more about how fat grafting in the Buckhead business district of North Atlanta, please contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alan N. Larsen. You can email us or call us today at (404) 367‐9005 to schedule your consultation.