Inverted Nipple Correction

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery in Atlanta

Female patients who deal with inverted nipples struggle not only with the cosmetic issue, but with breastfeeding issues as well. In this case, inverted nipple correction in Atlanta performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Alan N. Larsen may be the only way to normalize the appearance and function of the nipple. While varying degrees of inverted nipple are possible, each can present issues for the patient.

Deciding If You Are Right for Inverted Nipple Correction

An inverted nipple is categorized by three grades of inversion. While the lesser degree of inversion may be corrected with non-surgical intervention, the two other types of inversion may necessitate surgery by Dr. Larsen. If you struggle with inverted nipples, please set up a consultation with Dr. Larsen. In this consultation, he will examine your breasts and determine the appropriate treatment for your grade of inverted nipple.

How It's Done

In the case of a Grade I or minimally inverted nipple, correction may be performed non-surgically. This type of inversion is not strong and the nipple can be everted easily. This type of inversion may be corrected with a suction device or the use of a short-term nipple piercing, which will evert the nipple in a normalized way. In some cases, sutures may be placed around the outside of the nipple to reshape it without interfering with milk ducts.

In a Grade II inverted nipple, fibrosis of the tissues causes it to retract easily, even when it can be everted. In this case, minimal surgery is required. Dr. Larsen will access the fibrous tissue and divide it to create a natural nipple shape. In this procedure, he will be able to avoid the milk ducts.

For the most severe type of inverted nipple, a Grade III, the nipple cannot be everted. To correct this, surgery will be required. A large degree of fibrosis is present and the milk ducts may be recessed due to the lack of soft tissue around and underneath the nipple.

In this surgery, Dr. Larsen must access the milk ducts and tissues, removing the fibrosis. He must also use grafts to replace soft tissue beneath the nipple. In this case, surgery will correct the issue, but the patient will not be able to breastfeed in the future and may experience some loss of nipple sensation.

Results to Expect

Following your inverted nipple correction, you will have surgical dressings covering your nipple. In cases of more extreme inversion, the dressings may need to be in place for up to two weeks. You will need to maintain fresh dressings and should report any changes to Dr. Larsen as you heal.

After you have healed, you will be able to dress without the protective dome or bandages on the nipple. The appearance of the nipple should be normalized, though a change in sensation may occur.


Inverted nipple correction can present risks in some cases including the loss of nipple sensation, infection, or the loss of blood supply to the nipple. If you have questions about possible side effects, please consult with Dr. Larsen about your surgery.

Learn More About Inverted Nipple Correction

To learn more about surgical correction of an inverted nipple, please contact the office of plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Larsen in the Buckhead business district of North Atlanta. We are eager to speak with you. Call our Atlanta plastic surgery office at (404) 367‐9005.