Reconstructive Surgery

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Dr. Alan N. Larsen performs several procedures in reconstructive surgery, including breast reconstruction and scar revision. These procedures are intended to improve both form and function of the body. The following pages will give you more information about each procedure performed by Dr. Larsen.


What is Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is beneficial for people who have experienced a traumatic injury or those who were born with a congenital defect. The goal is to normalize the patient's appearance and maximize his or her functional ability.

Procedures typically repair the negative effects of cancer, previous surgeries, injuries and other issues that affect the body.

Common Reconstructive Procedures

Breast reconstruction is commonly performed after breast cancer treatments like mastecomy or lumpectomy. This is one of the most rewarding reconstructive surgeries performed by Dr. Larsen. After a woman has gone through breast cancer treatment, she has many reconstructive options which can range from breast implants to using her own tissues to reconstruct the breasts.

Scar revision is beneficial for patients who have suffered a trauma to the body that has resulted in a prominent scar. While this reconstructive surgery does not remove a scar completely, it can reduce its appearance and improve the mobility of the surrounding skin and tissues.

Tissue expansion is used during some types of reconstructive surgery, especially breast reconstruction and scar revision. The procedure uses your tissue to cover defects from surgery or injury. In a  multi-step process, the doctor slowly stretches the skin, creating adequate tissue for reconstructive surgery.

Inverted nipple correction is indicated when the patient's nipple appears sunken within the breast. By everting the nipple, Dr. Larsen may improve its appearance as well as its function in activities like breastfeeding.

Learn More About Reconstructive Surgery in Atlanta

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