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Breast Implants are supposed to feel as good as they look.

That's why Sientra breast implants are made with High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel to ensure implant strength and integrity, while still feeling like a natural part of your body.

And because we insist on only the very best, Sientra breast implants are only available through board-certified (or board-eligible) plastic surgeons.


Breast augmentation was among the top plastic surgery procedures in 2013 with over 300,000 breast augmentations performed in the US and over 1 million world-wide.  Although volume and size are very important attributes, the feel and look of a new set of breast implants are among the top qualities that patients seek when considering a breast augmentation.

The unique quality of the Sientra gel implants makes them a better option for breast augmentation patients seeking long term results. The cohesive gel retains shape better and longer and the rupture rate is lower than other gel implants.

Dr. Larsen was among the first plastic surgeons in the Atlanta that started using Sientra’s cohesive gel breast implants after their approval by the FDA in 2012.  As a recognized leader in breast enhancement surgery, Dr. Alan Larsen was among the first in the United States to offer their recently FDA-approved breast implants. These remarkable breast implants are made of a high-strength cohesive gel that looks and feels like natural breast tissue. Sientra implants are leak-resistant and are available only to board certified plastic surgeons such as Dr. Larsen.

Sientra’s implants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with either a smooth or textured surface. Dr. Larsen can help you choose the Sientra round or shaped implant option that best suits your individual needs. Round implants provide volume in the upper breast area (called upper pole area). Shaped implants are intended to match the anatomy of your chest wall, with a softer, more natural upper pole.

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Sientra implants, featuring High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel technology, are among the safest implants the industry has ever seen, and they were demonstrated in an FDA clinical trial to be safe and effective. That said, should you ever need us, you can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our implants and behind you every step of the way.

The Sientra warranty is the best in the industry.

The Sientra Limited Warranty and Product Replacement Programs include:

  • Up to $3600 toward surgery, if needed, due to a rupture within 10 years after your breast implant surgery
  • Lifetime product replacement if your implant ruptures
  • Free contralateral (opposite side) implant if needed
  • Enrollment is handled by your surgeon, and at no cost to you

capcon-ctaSientra brought the first “Shaped” implant to the US market, has the best warranty on the market and now Sientra has launched a new program called CapCon Care or C3 that ensures the quality and satisfaction of breast augmentation patients. Under this program, primary augmentation patients implanted with any size, style or shape of the Sientra True Texture™ implants will automatically qualify for a free replacement implant if the patient should require revision surgery to correct the capsular contracture within the first two years after implantation. Obtaining the benefits of this program is as simple as filling out one simple form.

Dr. Alan Larsen has been practicing cosmetic surgery in Atlanta for over 18 years and specializes in breast surgery. His experience allows him to create and reshape breasts to meet the goals women seek. Patient satisfation is a top priority.  An essential part of our success is to ensure patients love the new feel and look of their breast implants. The high density of the Sientra breast implants allows us to do just that. Contact Dr. Larsen to schedule a complimentary consultation about the newest, innovative breast implants.

Sientra cohesive gel implants have a higher density gel that makes them firmer than standard liquid silicone implants. Therefore, shape is maintained, allowing me to use the implant shape to remodel the breast. With these implants there is less folding, less migration of gel after a leak, and possibly greater longevity.

In a recent study titled “Risk Factor Analysis for Capsular Contracture in Sientra’s Silimed-Brand Round Smooth and TRUE Texture Implants” scientists tested over 5100 implants across 34 clinical sites over a 5 year period of time to evaluate a variety of factors affecting capsular contracture rate. Capsular contracture is a consequence of the immune system defending the patient’s bodily integrity; common factors that may cause this incidence include bacterial contamination, rupture of the breast-implant shell and leakage of the silicone-gel filling. The extensive study concluded that there was a statistically significant reduction in capsular contracture with Sientra’s TRUE Texture implants compared to smooth implants.

The new CapCon Care program offers patients another reason to consider this type of implant. Not only do they offer a more natural look, but also the peace of mind that many prospective patients seek whenever thinking about investing in plastic surgery.


I'm excited to introduce and offer my patients the opportunity to participate in the Sientra post-approval study, known as O.A.S.I.S. (Online Annual Sientra Implant Study). This study is designed to assess long-term outcomes for silicone gel breast implants by collecting overall health data from participants.

Sientra, formerly Silimed, was FDA-approved on March 9, 2012, for both round and anatomically-shaped gel implants. Sientra has been in the business of creating a quality product internationally since 1978.  I have utilized Sientra products since the FDA Approval in March 2012. It has been an honor to be involved with the company in the largest clinical study to date.

This current O.A.S.I.S. study will involve both breast augmentation patients and breast reconstruction patients who wish to have silicone implants placed. The data will be mainly collected by online surveys, which my patients will be reimbursed for. Patients will be required to see me at years 1, 5 and 9, which I believe is important regardless to maintain breast health when there is an underlying implant. I will also be looking for a control group of participants — women who have cosmetic surgeries withoutbreast implant enhancement — to complete online questionnaires every other year.

Participation in this study is voluntary. Patients who do not currently have breast implants are eligible for participation. You must be scheduled for an upcoming surgery to be eligible. If you are interested in participating, please contact our office at 404.367.9006 and speak with Lara.

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