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It's a problem that not many women like to talk about — changes in the appearance and condition of the vagina that occur over time. While you may giggle, many women struggle with these issues and would like to do something about them. From the natural effects of aging to the dramatic effect of childbirth, it is no surprise that as a woman gets older, this area of her body can become one of her biggest concerns. Over the past couple years, labiaplasty has been one of the fastest growing plastic surgery procedures, however, there are still many women who are not so ready to pursue surgery. At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer ThermiVa nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments in Atlanta.

ThermiVa is an innovative vaginal rejuvenation treatment that is designed to effectively tighten both the external labia and internal vaginal structures without surgery. This non-surgical treatment uses deep tissue radiofrequency heating to stimulate your skin's natural healing response, resulting in a rejuvenated look and feel of the surrounding tissue. Not only will you notice a tighter feel, but will enjoy a long list of benefits including increased sensitivity, improved moisture, a noticeably rejuvenated appearance, and a rewarding boost in self-confidence.

How Does ThermiVa Work?

ThermiVa features a small, handheld wand no bigger than the size of a finger. At the tip of the wand, radiofrequency energy is emitted to gently heat the surrounding skin and tissues of the internal vaginal structure. This radiofrequency heating stimulates your body's own healing response, igniting the production of new collagen which improves localized blood flow.

Your ThermiVa treatment will take no more than an hour to perform, and you can even get back to your normal life that same night without any downtime or changes in your routine.

After ThermiVa

As soon as a ThermiVa treatment is complete, many women see improvements in the labia and begin to feel the tightening effects of the radiofrequency energy; however, patient experiences vary. As your body continues its healing process over the next three months, you will likely notice even more exciting benefits. Women who undergo ThermiVa treatments often enjoy increased sensitivity and sensation. They also notice improvements in the texture and tone of the skin and tissue, as well as improved moisture.

We often recommend undergoing a series of three ThermiVa sessions to achieve your best results. Women may choose to have 1-2 ongoing treatments each year to maintain long-lasting benefits.

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