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Body Lift

Belt Lipectomy in Atlanta

The body changes greatly after pregnancies or massive weight loss. Sagging skin, stretch marks and even muscle separation are common problems that both men and women may face over time. A body lift (or belt lipectomy) with Dr. Larsen can help address these issues to restore youthful body contours and a slimmer shape.

Most patients are mothers who have had one or more pregnancies. Weight-loss patients are also very common, as well as men and women who have hereditary characteristics for looser skin or a bulging abdomen. In a single operation, a body lift has the greatest ability to rejuvenate the entire abdomen and waistline.

Body Lift Next Steps

If you think a body lift may be the right surgery for you, we invite you to give our office a call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Larsen. Click here to call now.

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, the price of your body lift will be around $14,000. Click here for more information on financing your body lift surgery.

"Everyone in the doctor's office made me feel very comfortable. The staff at the surgery center was amazing and felt like the was a team or posse taking care of me."*
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Curious about the kinds of results you can expect from body lift surgery with Dr. Larsen? Click here to view our body lift Before and After Gallery.

Preparing for Your Body Lift

To begin your body lift, Dr. Larsen will make a circumferential belt-like incision that runs across the top of the pubic area and up along each side from hip to hip and around the top of the buttocks. Body lift patients usually have rectus diastasis/separated abdominal muscles, a large abdominal bulge, and sagging skin that continues all the way around the hips, thighs, and upper buttocks. These problems are corrected by removing the excess skin and repairing the underlying muscles. Dr. Larsen may also remove excess fat using liposuction.

After Body Lift Surgery

The belt lipectomy is one of the most intensive procedures performed in all of plastic surgery, about the same as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. Tightening of the rectus muscles (abdominal muscles) often results in some pain and discomfort following your surgery. Since the On-Q® PainBuster® was invented, Dr. Alan N. Larsen has used this device to help control pain in patients. This device adds numbing medicine underneath the skin to significantly decrease postoperative discomfort; however, pain medications are usually still needed.

For most patients, the most difficult time is the first night after surgery. This is why we require that you stay with us overnight. We will see to your comfort, and you'll have round-the-clock care, which provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind. After the first night, expect to be a little sore, but not in any extreme or unbearable pain. Discomfort can usually be managed with pain medication. While the healing process varies between patients, in most cases the discomfort rapidly decreases over the next 3-4 days. At this point, you should be up and moving around much easier within your home. By 2 weeks, you can expect to be back to work, and by 4 weeks, you can return to a limited exercise routine. It takes a full 8 weeks for most patients to be ready to return to full activities and strenuous exercise.

Results should be seen immediately after surgery; however, there is still considerable swelling called edema. The edema rapidly resolves and by three weeks, the abdomen should look much better. By three months, the abdomen should start to take on its final contours. It will be one year, however, before full results are realized. Diet and exercise are essential to create the optimal outcome and to maintain long-lasting results.

A body lift with Dr. Larsen can be one of the most transformative and life-changing plastic surgery procedures a person may choose to undergo. The results often leave men and women with a more positive outlook and improved self-confidence.

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