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Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes can tell a lot about you — including how old you are. If you suffer from wrinkling, puffiness, or sagging of the eyelids, you may even appear much older than you actually are. More and more men and women are noticing just how big of an impact a procedure like eyelid surgery at our Atlanta practice can have on their overall appearance. By correcting these signs of aging around the eyes, it is possible to take years off your look.

Eyelid Surgery Next Steps

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"Very professional, this was my second procedure with this surgeon and I felt very comfortable with him. He and all the staff were very helpful and kind. I am extremely satisfied with my results."*
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Curious about the kinds of results you can expect from eyelid surgery with Dr. Larsen? Click here to view our eyelid surgery Before and After Gallery.

Eyelid Surgery Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Eyelid Surgery case #7
    Eyelid Surgery case #7

    Case #7

    Like so many of our patients, this 48-year-old woman, felt younger inside than she looked outside. She proceeded with a breast augmentation and was so happy that she decided to discuss some fa... View Case 

  • Eyelid Surgery case #49
    Eyelid Surgery case #49

    Case #49

    This patient came to Dr. Alan Larsen looking to regain her youthful appearance. He performed a brow lift, facelift, necklift and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to help her look as young as she fee... View Case 

  • Eyelid Surgery case #59
    Eyelid Surgery case #59

    Case #59

    This male patient, age 42, returned to Buckhead Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia for a rhinoplasty, chin implant, neck liposuction and lower eyelid surgery.  He wanted a more bala... View Case 

  • Eyelid Surgery case #72
    Before (Front-facing view)
    Eyelid Surgery case #72
    After (front-facing view)

    Case #72

    Patient felt his nose projected too far succeeding the projection of his chin. He also had concerns with hooded brow lines and felt that his eyelids were heavy...Dr. Larsen fixed thi... View Case 

Preparing for Eyelid Surgery

Your eyelid surgery starts with the consultation and continues right through carefully placed incisions. The typical incision used by Dr. Larsen for the upper eyelid runs along the crease and just slightly out to the side. The lower eyelid incision runs just below the eyelashes and slightly out to the side.

A second type of incision for the lower eyelids is placed inside the lower eyelid and is completely hidden. This type of incision is only for removal or rearrangement of the fatty tissue and will do nothing to the skin. Careful planning will in most cases lead to a well-hidden incision.

During the procedure, other aspects of the blepharoplasty are addressed. In addition to the incision, there are two fat pads above each eye and three areas of fatty distribution below each eyelid. One two or all of these fat pads may be removed, partially removed or rearranged into another around the orbit. The position of the lateral most portion of the eyelid, the canthus, is also corrected and held into position with sutures for healing. Excessive skin is re-draped over both the upper and lower eyelids, marked and removed.

The upper eyelid skin may be more prominent than you expected after surgery because excision of all of the extra skin would not allow you to close your upper eyelid. Additionally, some patients may have more or less of an upper eyelid crease. After completion of the internal portion of the procedure, the incisions are closed and the sides of the eyes are taped. The sutures will be removed four to five days after surgery by Dr. Larsen. The tape is removed 14 days following surgery.

After Eyelid Surgery

Immediately following surgery, you will likely be sleepy. You should not expect a lot of pain although tenderness will be present. The eyes will help a great deal with this. Initially, your eyes will be slightly swollen. The swelling will continue for the first couple of days and then start to decrease dramatically by day three or four. Bruising will be present for seven to 10 days and possibly a little longer.

Within four to five days, the stitches are removed despite swelling and noticeable incisions. Patients are usually ready to venture outside at this time. As with any surgery, wearing sunscreen and a hat to protect the healing skin from the sun is essential. In a few weeks, you will begin to see a younger version of yourself. Complete healing will continue under the surface of the skin for quite some time. It is not uncommon for mild swelling and small lumps and bumps to take one to two months or more to resolve.

As your eyes continue to heal, you will begin noticing dramatic improvements in your appearance. Your eyelid surgery can help you to look nearly 10 years younger while still maintaining a beautifully natural appearance. Although your results will not be permanent, they help to essentially set back the aging clock so you will continue to look younger for many years to come.

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