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Breast Reduction

Though sometimes it may seem as though having larger breasts is the goal of every woman, those who already have them may feel they are more of a curse than they are a gift. While large breasts are often associated with a more feminine figure, when they are disproportionate to the rest of a woman's body they can cause a long list of both physical and emotional problems. Breast reduction surgery in Atlanta at Buckhead Plastic Surgery has helped women have the body and lifestyle they absolutely love.

The key reasons for breast reduction are to make the overall size of the breast smaller, improve the shape of the breasts for a more youthful and lifted position, or to reduce headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or chest discomfort associated with larger breasts. If you are still in the childbearing years, and you would like to have children—or more children—delaying breast reduction may be the right choice for you.

Dr. Larsen has helped many women to achieve a more proportionate figure and improve their quality of life with breast reduction surgery. From athletes hindered by their larger breasts, to women seeking to improve the appearance of their breasts after weight loss, Dr. Larsen customizes each patient's breast reduction to provide her with the best possible results.

Breast Reduction Next Steps

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At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, the price of your breast reduction will start at $7,000. Click here for more information on financing your breast reduction.

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Curious about the kinds of results you can expect from breast reduction with Dr. Larsen? Click here to view our breast reduction before and after gallery.

Breast Reduction Before & After Photos


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Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Breast Reduction case #34
    Breast Reduction case #34

    Case #34

    This patient came to see Dr. Larsen to address her back pain that was associated with her 36 G breast size.  Large breasts can be very heavy and cause shoulder, back, and neck pain.... View Case 

  • Breast Reduction case #96
    Breast Reduction case #96

    Case #96

    51 year old patient had large and heavy breasts that interfered with activities, caused neck and back pain, and made it difficult to find bras that fit. She came to Dr. Larsen to have her ... View Case 

  • Breast Reduction case #58
    Breast Reduction case #58

    Case #58

    This patient came to Buckhead Plastic Surgery to have a breast reduction and breast lift surgery. Her concerns were with neck and back pain, bra strap grooving, issues finding properly fitted... View Case 

Preparing for Your Breast Reduction

During your consultation and physical exam, Dr. Alan N. Larsen will review the specific techniques required for your unique breast reduction. He will consider factors such as the degree of sagging (ptosis), amount of excess skin, height, shoulder/rib width, and your own aesthetic goals. Breast reduction is more than just removing excessive tissue and fat from the breast. The goal of a breast reduction surgery is to sculpt the breast into a smaller, perkier, and more youthfully-shaped breast that flows smoothly with the other curves of your figure.

There are three incision techniques that may be used for your breast reduction: circum-areolar, SPAIR, and inverted T reduction. The technique that is used most often for breast reductions or reduction mammoplasty is the SPAIR technique. With this technique, the incision goes around the nipple areolar complex (circumareolar) with an extension of the incision vertically from the nipple areolar complex to the inframammary crease. This technique affords the largest lift and the most tightening of the breast envelope for most patients.

Removing breast and fatty tissue will reduce the overall breast size and lift the nipple. The size of the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple) will likely be made smaller to match the new shape, position, and proportion of the breast. In some cases, liposuction may be used as part of the breast reduction to remove fat from under the axilla or armpit.

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After Your Breast Reduction

Immediately after breast reduction surgery, it is common to experience mild to moderate discomfort. However, this can usually be controlled with pain medication. Most patients are sent home after surgery in the care of a loved one. In Dr. Larsen's practice, drains are not placed for this surgery. After surgery you'll have padding placed across the breasts. The padding will be held gently into position with an ace bandage. Follow-up will start the next morning when the dressings will be removed by Dr. Larsen and will continue every few days for the first week or two, after which your visits will be staggered longer and longer apart as your healing progresses.

Most women return to work in 3-5 days and regular activities after two weeks, provided everything is healing nicely. The first few weeks after surgery, you will wear a loose-fitting bra. As healing continues and the discomfort resolves, you can return to a regular supportive bra.

The new shape and position of your breasts will be visible immediately, though the final shape will take several weeks to months as your breasts continue to heal. While individual experiences vary, patients often notice several benefits over time after breast reduction surgery, including a well-balanced feminine figure, reduction in previous physical pain from large breasts, enhanced physical activity, and fitting better into their clothes. Because of these changes, breast reduction has been a positive, life-changing surgery for many of Dr. Larsen's patients.

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