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Brow Lift

People today are realizing that many of their facial expressions are centered around their eyes and brow. If you look angry or tired, it's likely caused by signs of aging that occur around the eyes. A brow lift or forehead lift in Atlanta at Buckhead Plastic Surgery may be just the procedure to give your face a more awake and lively look.

As the face ages, several changes occur. These changes include loosening and descending of the brow tissue and loss of elasticity to the skin. The constant movement of the forehead muscles creates bridges, grooves, creases and furrows. These features are associated with periorbital aging, making the brows look heavy, sagging, drooping and tired. Often we think of a patient with a low brow as being tired, angry or grumpy.

A brow lift can treat drooping eyebrows, wrinkles across the forehead, deep furrows between the eyebrows as well as sagging, drooping, angry, tired-looking eyes. Modern brow lift techniques used by Dr. Alan Larsen can achieve results that look both beautiful and natural.

Brow Lift Next Steps

If you think a brow lift may be the right surgery for you, we invite you to give our office a call to schedule your consultation with Dr. Larsen. Click here to call now.

At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, the cost of your brow lift will be around $3,500. Click here for more information on financing your brow lift surgery.

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Curious about the kinds of results you can expect from brow lift surgery with Dr. Larsen? Click here to view our brow lift Before and After Gallery.

Brow Lift Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Brow Lift case #72
    Before (Front-facing view)
    Brow Lift case #72
    After (front-facing view)

    Case #72

    Patient felt his nose projected too far succeeding the projection of his chin. He also had concerns with hooded brow lines and felt that his eyelids were heavy...Dr. Larsen fixed thi... View Case 

  • Brow Lift case #49
    Brow Lift case #49

    Case #49

    This patient came to Dr. Alan Larsen looking to regain her youthful appearance. He performed a brow lift, facelift, necklift and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to help her look as young as she fee... View Case 

  • Brow Lift case #7
    Brow Lift case #7

    Case #7

    Like so many of our patients, this 48-year-old woman, felt younger inside than she looked outside. She proceeded with a breast augmentation and was so happy that she decided to discuss some fa... View Case 

Preparing for Your Brow Lift

A consultation is necessary to best determine which procedure is right for you. The brow lift procedure is tailored to each patient's specific conditions. It is often combined with a facelift, upper or lower eyelid surgery, or a combination of procedures. Younger patients often require a brow lift alone using an endoscopic technique that minimizes scarring.

There are several forehead-lifting techniques, taking into account all the features that you and the surgeon wish to rejuvenate. Some plastic surgeons perform forehead lifts on an outpatient basis in either an ambulatory surgical facility. This facility is fully accredited with AAAASF.

Although an overnight stay is not necessary, the option is available to all of our patients. For the comfort of our patients, Dr. Larsen performs the brow lift under general anesthesia.

The brow lift begins with your consultation and continues right through carefully placed incisions. The typical incision runs behind the hairline, in the temple area, changing to in front of the hairline over the mid forehead and then back into the hairline. For coronal and temporal browlifts, the incision is hidden and runs completely within the hairline.

Careful planning will, in most cases, lead to a well-hidden incision. Dr. Larsen prefers the incision that runs at least part way in front of the hairline since this incision will not raise the hairline and can even lower the hairline if needed. Both the endoscopic technique and the technique in which the incision is completely hidden within the hairline will raise the hairline creating a longer forehead.

The next component of the brow lift addresses the muscles of the forehead. Depending on an individual's complaints and concerns, several of the muscles in the forehead can either be removed or weakened so they will produce fewer wrinkles and allow the wrinkles that are present in the forehead to smooth out.

Rarely, the bones along the orbital rim or on the forehead are manipulated by shaving them down or adding filler to the top to correct relative prominences or deficiencies in the structures. The last detail of the forehead lift is to lift the skin into its new anatomical position. The incision or incisions are typically closed with staples, and a small additional suture is used to meticulously approximate the skin edges.

After Your Brow Lift

Your results depend on your genetics and anatomy, as well as the goals we have outlined prior to surgery. A great outcome depends on meticulous attention to details with the technical portion of the procedure, as well as an artistic touch to create the balanced facial features you desire.

Following surgery, your forehead, eyes and temporal areas will be swollen. Specialized ice packs will be placed on your forehead 24 hours a day for the first two days to relieve the swelling and discomfort. Most patients have some discomfort, but they don't really complain of severe pain. The ice helps tremendously. The most common complaint is usually a mild to moderate headache. This headache usually resolves in 1-3 days.

Some physicians use drain tubes. Dr. Larsen does not place any drains. Many patients reabsorb any excess fluid that may accumulate. Initially, you'll have a dressing on your face, but this will be removed within a couple of hours of your waking up from the surgical procedure. Our trained professionals or your caregiver will remove this dressing and start your specialized ice packs.

The ice is applied for the first 48 hours followed by warm compresses. Strictly keeping your head elevated with no movement leads to a speedy recovery for most patients. Patients usually resume a normal diet by the next day. As you heal, your forehead and eyes will feel tighter for the first week or two.

Assistance from a responsible adult is critical for the first few days to help decrease the chances of complications and lead to an uneven full recovery. Downtime is clearly a concern of patients having a brow lift, especially with younger patients. Healing is a progressive process and is controlled by Mother Nature. The stitches and staples are usually removed after 4-5 days, despite swelling and noticeable incisions.

Patients are usually ready to venture outside at this time. As with any surgery, wearing sunscreen and a hat will be essential in order to protect the healing skin from the sun. In a few weeks you will likely see a younger version of yourself. Complete healing will continue under the surface of the skin for quite some time. It is not uncommon for mild swelling and small lumps and bumps to take 1-2 months or more to resolve.

Initially, your brow will be very high and tight, and it will be difficult to raise your brows. As the swelling reduces over the first week to 10 days, the tightness will usually resolve. After one month you should see better results, and after three months, you should see great results. You can expect to return to full activity in approximately 3-4 weeks.

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