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Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction is an integral part of a woman's breast cancer treatment. Dr. Alan Larsen explains your breast reconstruction options at our Atlanta practice so you can make an informed decision. Breast reconstruction is performed when one or both breasts are removed after a breast cancer diagnosis, or if you are at a high risk for developing breast cancer. The latest reconstructive surgery techniques, along with advanced medical devices, have made it possible for plastic surgeons like Dr. Larsen to reconstruct the breasts in a way that comes close to matching the form and appearance of natural breasts.

Jennifer's Breast Reconstruction Story

Jennifer, a breast cancer survivor, underwent a bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy with Dr. Scott Timbert, and bilateral breast reconstruction with Dr. Alan Larsen. The breast reconstruction performed is a nipple sparing technique developed by these experienced surgeons for women with larger breasts called the "peek-a-boo" procedure.

Jennifer has been kind enough to share her inspiring journey and victorious battle with breast cancer to help other women find strength and hope. It's important to understand that patient experiences may vary.

Featured Breast Reconstruction Videos*

Jennifer has been kind enough to share her inspiring journey and victorious battle with breast cancer in these videos, to help other women find strength and hope. It's important to understand that patient experiences may vary.

Breast Reconstruction Next Steps

Choosing to undergo breast reconstruction is a life-changing decision for women battling breast cancer. We believe all women should be aware of their breast reconstruction options so that they may once again feel like their former selves even after defeating breast cancer. To learn more about breast reconstruction with Dr. Alan Larsen, we welcome you to give our office a call to schedule your consultation at Buckhead Plastic Surgery.

Breast reconstruction is an extremely beneficial surgery that is covered by health insurance under federal law. Your insurance may also cover surgery of your opposite breast to maintain proper breast symmetry.

"Thank you Dr. Larsen, I got my Life back...I'm more secure with my appearance now."*
*Your experience may vary.
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Curious about the results you can expect from breast reconstruction with Dr. Larsen? Click here to view our breast reconstruction Before and After Gallery.

Preparing for Your Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Larsen has successfully performed breast reconstruction procedures for women after surgery for breast cancer, whether they've undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy. The best candidates are women whose cancer, as far as can be determined, has been eliminated. Many breast cancer patients are candidates for reconstruction during the same operation in which the breast is removed.

Depending on you and your treatment plan, breast reconstruction can be performed immediately after your removal surgery or several months later. In some cases, you may not feel mentally prepared to undergo reconstructive surgery right away.

There are many different breast reconstruction techniques, but they can be divided into two basic categories: implant based techniques and autologous methods.

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Breast Reconstruction with an Implant

Implant-based methods for breast reconstruction are frequently performed using a technique called tissue expansion. The doctor inserts an expanding implant beneath the chest tissue, which is gradually filled with saline to make space for the implant and recreate the breast mound. Other procedures that use implants may involve the creation of a tissue flap (the Latissimus dorsi flap, for example) that makes a pocket where the breast implant can reside.

Breast Reconstruction Using Flap Techniques

There are several flap techniques that use the patient's own tissue to reconstruct the breast. A flap of tissue can be transferred from the back, abdomen or buttocks. A blood supply for the graft can be transferred from the donor site, or it can be sourced elsewhere and then connected to the graft using microsurgery.

After Breast Reconstruction

Recovery depends on the technique and extent of your surgery. You should expect to spend up to five days in the hospital as your body recovers. A surgical drain may be placed to remove excess fluids from building up at the surgical sites, but this is typically removed within a week, along with any sutures or stitches. Implant-based breast reconstruction generally has a quicker recovery time than flap techniques.

Given the nature of the procedure, you will notice the changes immediately. Whether you had your breast reconstruction performed immediately after the removal surgery or months later, Dr. Larsen's goal is to provide you with a smooth transition to your new breast and new life after cancer. Breast reconstruction is often an emotional procedure and has helped many breast cancer survivors to take their lives back from the disease.

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