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A person's nose is often a significant point of concern. As the centermost feature of the face, any minor problem people perceive regarding the look of their nose can negatively affect their feelings about their overall appearance. Dr. Alan Larsen can help to reshape your nose and create a more balanced facial appearance with rhinoplasty in Atlanta at Buckhead Plastic Surgery.

Rhinoplasty has always been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in cosmetic surgery. However, not all nasal surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons. Rhinoplasty can also correct structural abnormalities like a deviated septum or crooked nose, which can lead to breathing problems, chronic stuffiness and post nasal drip. Therefore, the ultimate goal of any rhinoplasty is twofold — to sculpt a natural-looking nose that functions properly.

Rhinoplasty Next Steps

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Rhinoplasty Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Rhinoplasty case #59
    Rhinoplasty case #59

    Case #59

    This male patient, age 42, returned to Buckhead Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, Georgia for a rhinoplasty, chin implant, neck liposuction and lower eyelid surgery.  He wanted a more bala... View Case 

  • Rhinoplasty case #72
    Before (Front-facing view)
    Rhinoplasty case #72
    After (front-facing view)

    Case #72

    Patient felt his nose projected too far succeeding the projection of his chin. He also had concerns with hooded brow lines and felt that his eyelids were heavy...Dr. Larsen fixed thi... View Case 

Preparing for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, sometimes called a nose job, is generally an outpatient procedure for our Atlanta patients that can be performed in a hospital, ambulatory surgery facility or an in-office surgical suite. Dr. Larsen performs surgeries in a fully accredited surgical suite. He performs surgery under general anesthesia, using an anesthesiologist. An overnight stay can be arranged, but most patients choose to go home under the care of a loved one.

To determine your surgical technique, Dr. Larsen will carefully evaluate your overall facial appearance, proportion and structure of your nose, and facial features. Given this information, he will work with you to develop your customized rhinoplasty plan based on your medical history and your personal goals. He can combine your nose surgery with other facial plastic surgery procedures if desired.

Rhinoplasty techniques include open or closed methods, depending on the changes necessary. The open procedure adds a small additional incision across the strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. In a closed procedure, all incisions are hidden within the nose. Dr. Larsen performs almost all of his procedures using the open technique because this technique allows the greatest access as well as the precise control necessary to assure a good outcome.

With any surgery, the incisions are closed with stitches. The internal stitches will dissolve. The external incisions across the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils will need to be taken out 4-5 days after surgery. You will wake up with a splint covering the outside of your nose and most likely with a splint on the inside of your nose. No matter how uncomfortable or unsightly these splints are, you shouldn't remove them under any circumstances without the doctor's permission.

After Rhinoplasty

Directly following your surgery, your nose will feel very stuffy, but you will need to remember there is absolutely no nose blowing allowed. Occasionally a patient will have a headache for the first night or two. You will need to keep your head elevated for about 10 days while you sleep. Ice packs or cool compresses will help considerably with your comfort and swelling.

Until the nasal splints are removed, you will need to breath through your mouth, which will likely become quite dry. Sucking on lemon drops and drinking extra fluids will help. These conditions usually diminish within the first week following surgery. Contact lenses or glasses are difficult for the first week or so following surgery.

You can expect to return to a normal routine within about one week, and regular exercise in 3-6 weeks. If you're involved in sports, you will need to protect your nose for a minimum of eight weeks.

In most cases, the results of rhinoplasty are immediately visible once the splint is removed. Splints usually come off at about 10 days on the outside and 14 days on the inside. Remember that your nose will still be swollen after the splint is removed, and the shape will continue to refine slightly over the next year.

Dr. Larsen's patients often feel more self-confident and happy about their appearance once they see their final results. Even subtle changes to the structure of the nose have provided men and women with life-changing benefits. The results of your surgery should be long-lasting and may be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Rhinoplasty Price & Nose Job Price:

$6,500 to $8,000

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