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Brazilian Butt Lift

A well-shaped backside is a goal for many women and men looking to achieve a youthful and athletic figure. However, you may not always be able to achieve the results you want. Even with diet and exercise, certain factors such as age or genetics can make achieving a firm and rounded buttocks nearly impossible. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Larsen can perform a customized Brazilian butt lift in Atlanta using fat transfer to provide you with a fuller, curvier silhouette.

A Brazilian butt lift uses a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to enlarge the buttocks. Fatty tissue that has been liposuctioned is placed into the buttocks to enhance their size and shape. The average patient is a female in her twenties to mid-thirties, but men also occasionally undergo this procedure. Those who are considering a Brazilian butt lift may feel that their buttocks do not fit the rest of their body or that it is too small and too flat.

Brazilian Butt Lift Next Steps

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At Buckhead Plastic Surgery, the price of your Brazilian butt lift will start at $6,000. Click here for more information on financing your buttocks enhancement surgery.

"First of all, the entire surgical staff were very professional and made me and my husband feel comfortable and safe. The hospital was clean and the nurse was with me the entire time prior to the surgery. The timing of the procedure was excellent and I was allowed to leave the hospital according to the plan."*
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Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Photos


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Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift case #20
    Brazilian Butt Lift case #20

    Case #20

    Brazillian butt Lift and Liposuction results in a nice round bottom! This patient came to Dr. Alan Larsen in Atlanta with an interest in a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction transfe... View Case 

Preparing for Your Brazilian Butt Lift

When considering a Brazilian butt lift, the skin around the buttocks should be in good condition and have relatively good elasticity. This procedure will, however, fill out some sagging skin. If your skin is exceptionally loose, you may need a surgical butt lift (that tightens the skin and pulls the buttocks up) followed by a Brazilian lift. A patient with minimal or no excessive fatty tissue would not be a candidate because there would not be enough fatty tissue from other areas to fill out the buttocks.

Dr. Larsen will begin your procedure by extracting donor fat cells using liposuction, an essential part of the procedure. Fat is commonly collected from the hips, the area below the buttocks, and the lower portion of the back. Other areas may be liposuctioned as well, adding to the fat that can be grafted back into the buttocks.

Liposuctioning the lower back, hips and the area below the buttocks reduces these areas, thus helping to accentuate the buttocks. Placing the liposuctioned fat into the buttocks increases the size of the buttocks, accentuating its definition and shape. The combination of these two techniques will result in the shapeliest fullness possible.

After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

The recovery following a Brazilian butt lift varies between patients, but is typically moderate. Your backside will be tender, and in the areas where liposuction was performed, you may also experience some discomfort as well. Dr. Larsen can prescribe pain medications to help ease any residual pain you may have.

You cannot sit or lie on your buttocks for three weeks after the procedure. This time is needed in order for the transferred fat to obtain a blood supply and start to live and grow in its new environment. Sitting on your buttocks will keep the blood supply from getting to the new fat cells. They will not survive, and you may lose the results of your enhancement. A compression garment will still be worn just like after liposuction.

The results of the Brazilian butt lift can vary. The amount of fatty tissue that survives and the amount of fatty tissue that is grafted lend the overall result. Most of the fat that is transferred into the buttocks typically survives, leaving behind your final result.

Patients who undergo a Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Larsen are often satisfied with their new figure and excited to start trying on new pairs of jeans and other clothing. This procedure is designed to provide women and men with the curvier, younger, and more athletic body shape they desire.

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